sinking pallet vs floating pallet
  • idrisidris June 2012
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    hi all..just want to share my experience on this both pallet type...all this whie i have been using saki hikari growth mix with colour..both are will took my koi some time before start eating...i believe all my koi are leader fish,,hehe..but when i get near them they will go away..maybe afraid of me i dont know...

    so when i go to gosanke, raymond asked me to try saki hikari sinking food to let the shy eater get food also..what i do first i gave my koi floating pallet....after they finish then i gave sinking pallet..shocking thing happend after few days using sinking pallet, whenever i am nearby the pond, my koi start to follow me..everybody goes up and asking for food...its like they really enjoy sinking food..after feasting they will happyly swimming around the pond...but for floating food after feast they will just stay below relaxing..quite weird on this behavior..but i am happy on the progress...

    just to share my experience...
  • megatronmegatron June 2012
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    Bro, I feed both sinking (by Auto-feeder) and floating (by hand) daily (5 times a day in small amount). Anytime, they will just waiting for food. Weird thing is they even know when my auto feeder will start operating.
    Don't ask me why!!!
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar June 2012
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    Bro Idris

    I have exactly the same problem. I'm also using floating. After the fish finish eating, they will still be looking for food. Once they confirmed nothing left, they will go to rest.

    Need to try the sinking food.

    Thanks bro
  • idrisidris June 2012
    Posts: 1,182
    bro megatron..for a matured pond and koi as yours, i dont suprise on what you say..if we set the food timer let say 3 times a day and same time for a week, they will remember that as routine..hehe....

    bro kumar..yup try sinking food...sinking food i feed them slowly by hand..hehe
  • wongyengwongyeng June 2012
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    Kois are probably as smart as dolphins then :P
  • sivakoisivakoi June 2012
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    They are smart...I remember sometime back I saw a video where these fishes will ring the bell for food. Managed to trace the video down.

    Probably you may want to try this out as well. Buttler service for a fish...yeah!
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  • idrisidris June 2012
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    haha...try to pen video but error occur...hehe
  • ShukriShukri June 2012
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    I have a problem with my pond too. I can't seemed to locate non leader fish. When they hear my foot steps, they will charge towards me. Does not matter floating or sinking pellets, they will attack the pellets ferociously like they have not eaten for months......

    I notice that if the water quality is good, coupled with good TDO,the fishes are forever hungry.......... :-D
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  • sivakoisivakoi June 2012
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    corrected it now the video is up :-D
  • idrisidris June 2012
    Posts: 1,182
    haha..ting ting ting..gave us food...ting ting ting..hahahah
  • pslongpslong June 2012
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    Hahahahaha that's coool!
  • ikankoikauikankoikau June 2012
    Posts: 1,053
    great video bro... maybe I should put up 10 bells to deter house break in... and link it with auto feeder 8->
  • sivakoisivakoi June 2012
    Posts: 106
    Hehe...better yet will be teaching our koi's to go toilet exactly at one spot.. :-D (bottom drain).

    On a serious note. I always wondered why they have to variants of the same food. I was told by a fish shop the reason is because in a big tank. The larger fishes will always tend to eat anyhting from the top easier I guess and the smaller ones will always wait at the bottom to eat the scrap or leftovers. Hence the need for the 2 types. Anyway whatever works and gets the job done :)

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