3rd Shinkokai Malaysia Koi Show 2013 (19-21 April 2013)
  • pandaipandai April 2013
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    Bro Jerome,

    Nice to meet you too. I'm sorry too that we did not get to spend much time chatting as everyone was busy running around. I also didn't quite put things together between "Jerome" and "snowlion" in the beginning until I saw your posting now... :-D

    Anyway, glad to know that you enjoyed the show as also all of us!
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  • TakaTaka April 2013
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    After 3rd SHINKOKAI
    Chairman Mr SAM His readership is always outstanding.
    Mr Daniel ,Mr Choo.....Grateful for your hospitality.
    Great MC Mr Danning.
    All volunteers , Malay boys you guys are awesome !
    It was great event and hope everybody had good time.
    May be some were not satisfied the result.
    But pls dont dissapointed.
    The president of SHINKOKAI JAPAN Mr KONISHI said
    [ Even you have got prise this time but there's no guarantee for next year ]
    Wish see you next time again !
    Once again all volunteers your works were fantastic !
    Best Regards Taka Furukawa
  • JamesJames April 2013
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    Bro Jerome, appreciate your assistance during bagging and benching of my entries. Not sure if I'd be able to bench in time if not for your help. And do apologise din do much koi talk. Had to rush to the airport for my flight.
  • snowlionsnowlion April 2013
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    Hi Capt,
    My pleasure to meet you and jr again after 2 years.
    Dun worry about not being able to catch up...there are always opportunities.
    Group dinner or lunch is great, best if coincide with events..then I have better chance of attending.

    Bro Pandai,
    Hoped that your flight back to Japan was a smooth one.
    Yes, I am the notorious bad ass snowlion/jerome >:-)
    Great to see you walk comfortably, cannot imagine what you went thru few months back...
    Cherished that few minutes we had on Sunday morning.

    Taka San,
    Thank you very much for your vital translation service.
    Without you, many important information and questions will be left untransmitted or unanswered.
    Without you, Konishi Koi Food would go unnoticed and unappreciated on the shelf.
    I hoped that you and Joji San can feel our sincere appreciation and deep interest in his presentation.

    Our pleasure and honour to have you among us.
    Hope to see you soon. I remembered you carried the red packet in your shirt pocket for the two days...
    (ha ha a very clear but subtle hint to tip you for your contribution.:-)) .:-)) )
    I hoped that you found the lucky kid to give the koi pictured TOTO tickets!!

    Bro James,
    I am good in only 4 things; eating, packing fish, catching fish and cuci mata all the time:-D
    What I did is so small lah, not worth mentioning.
    I am impressed by your entries..really beautiful stuff you got there :-D
    No worries, we have plenty of chance to catch up in the coming events.

    Cheers everyone!
    Jerome Ng
  • JamesJames April 2013
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    Anyone care to repeat what Joji said about his koi food. There is the red, blue and green but god knows which is for what...
  • snowlionsnowlion April 2013
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    Brother James,

    From What I rememered:

    1. Red Label- Colour Food:
    What Joji San Said is that other brands may have excessive or high content of Spirulina, which makes the Beni to deepen fast, but at the same time makes the Shiroji yellowish. His colour food brings out the Beni tone gradually...long term feeding does not cause yellow Shiroji or too red Beni.

    2. Green Label-Hi Growth Food:
    This is given during the warmer months in Japan.
    Main purpose is to boost growth potential.
    Sorry, could not recall much here..can other brothers chip in please?

    3. Blue Label-Wheatgerm based Food:
    This is given during the coller months.
    Also packed with minerals and vitamins to condition the fish's overall well being especially the digestive system. Cannot recall much here, again brothers please chip in the missing parts.

    All 3 colour labels can be fed together in our climate, but feeding is dependent on the condition of the pond and fishes..

    I wasn't paying much attention when Taka San was doing the translation.
    Please correct me where I am inaccurate.

    Jerome Ng

  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar April 2013
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    Bro Jerome,
    You're right. More points:

    2) Green: Also does not effect koi body for long term feed

    3) Blue: Does not contain any medication. It's packed with lots of vitamin's and minerals to increase Koi's well being. Also suitable for sick kois (after all rounds of medication completes).

  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar April 2013
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    Hi Bro's,
    Some pics which I took during the show. Sorry not many as was very busy during the show:)

  • JamesJames April 2013
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    Aisay bro, how come dun have picture of you on stage??
  • BthineshkumarBthineshkumar April 2013
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    Bro James,

    The Shinkakoi photographer was taking those photos wo, have to wait for Bro SC to post those photos :-D
    Post edited by Bthineshkumar at 2013-04-27 09:22:36 am
  • JamesJames April 2013
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    :-)) :-)) wanna see those la... Bro SC, ada?
  • SengChoonSengChoon April 2013
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    Not with me, Bro James. Have to check with Edwin.
  • koianswerskoianswers May 2013
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    All images for 3rd Shinkokai Malaysia Koi Show 2013 is at the following website gallery.

    Your one stop koi information center
  • pandaipandai October 2013
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    This 3rd Malaysia Shinkokai koi show has been covered in the most recent (November) Rinko magazine. Please see camera capture of pages below. I don't know how to read kanji so look at pictures only lah... Maybe some bros here could help translate for all? :-D

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/14090/437 (360x480).jpg

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/14091/438 (360x480).jpg

    www.koianswers.com/discussion/download/14092/439 (360x480).jpg

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