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  • jkjackyongjkjackyong April 2013
    Posts: 757
    To All Hobbyists, Bro & Friends,


    http://fishauction.blogspot.sg/ Very Very high Class Jumbo Tosai

    H/P +65-97309176 Or +62-858 9050 8999 WhatsApp better

    Best Regards,
    Jacky Ong / JK KOI CENTRE (Y) L3 (handshake)
  • gerrygerry April 2013
    Posts: 777
    The Tancho showa is stunning!!! :X L3
  • tohon99tohon99 April 2013
    Posts: 44
    Hi Jacky

    I noticed there are 12 pieces maruyama sanke tosai very nice. Any photos? Pls pm me the price. I refer the video u posted on 10.4.13.
  • jkjackyongjkjackyong April 2013
    Posts: 757
    Hi Bro tohon99,

    Sorry for the late reply, These few days too busy, Sorry. Next time better whatsApp me OK ? This my phone number +65-97309176

    You mean this sanke right ?

    See video more better right ? Photo i did not take, Hope this video you can see more clearly

    You want to be the owner of this sanke ? Waiting yours good new to me OK

    :-c :-c

    Best Regards,
    Jacky Ong / JK KOI CENTRE
  • kominatokominato April 2013
    Posts: 408
    Looks Good.

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